Lost in translation: Alex Ovechkin gets a sheep, not a ship, for his birthday

After Alex Ovechkin finished a hard first day of training camp, he participated in his normal media scrum, letting the media know whatever they would like.

At first, all Ovechkin wanted in return was for the media scrum to say happy birthday, as his 30th birthday was just the day before, and everyone happily obliged.

Someone wanted to know what Ovechkin got as a present for his birthday, but everyone had a difficult time understanding what Ovechkin got for his birthday. Listen for yourself, what does it sound like he got for his birthday?

It sounds like Ovechkin is saying "ship," doesn't it? Members of the media that were there agreed.

But he wasn't saying "ship." He was saying "sheep." Ovechkin actually got a sheep for his birthday.

Here's that sheep Ovechkin was talking about.