Jon Jones' big bro: I beat him so many times, I still make him flinch

Jon Jones may be fearless when he faces the toughest fighters in the UFC, but there's one guy who says he still can make him flinch: his big brother.

Arthur Jones, a sixth-year NFL defensive tackle with the Indianapolis Colts, says he never lost a fight to Jon or baby brother Chandler, who also plays in the NFL, and says he beat Jon so much growing up that he has "big brother syndrome."

"His manager Malki Kawa, he laughs, you know, he's like, 'Man, Art, I don't know what you did to that boy, but it's something about you,'" Arthur told TMZ.

Asked if he might fight after his NFL career ends, Arthur, who's 29, said he was prepared to take an MMA fight during the lockout in 2011 -- €” "I was a really good wrestler coming out of high school," he said -- and said his skills still are sharp.

"I've been training with my brother for a while and I'm very confident in my ability," he said.