Jets coach Ryan's home in New Jersey still without power

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and several of his players are among thousands of New Jersey residents still without power in their homes in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Ryan said Monday as the team returned from its bye week that his home in Summit has yet to get power back. He recognizes he is in the same situation as many others in the area recovering from the hurricane and its aftermath.

Ryan stressed to his players in a morning meeting that "obviously you have to take care of family, that's first and foremost. Yourself probably second and this team third."

"But in this situation, our players aren't any different than anyone else in the community, and that's the way it should be. Those are things that everybody in the area has to deal with and our players aren't exempt of that," Ryan added.

Wide receiver Chaz Schilens is among the players who had no power. Schilens stayed in the area during the bye and was relieved that the Jets had generators to run their practice complex. His power returned Friday.

"I actually came in here," he said. "I was thankful this place had power and thankful I had a place to go. It was great to have it open, and they had food here."

Center Nick Mangold's home remains without power.

"It was a different kind of bye week," Mangold said. "But it could've been a lot worse."


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