Jerry Jones is surprised Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl in 20 years

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When Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, his football team quickly won three Super Bowls by 1996.

But this year marks 20 years without a Dallas Super Bowl victory.

That seems crazy to Jones, who told Brandon George of Dallas Morning News that he can't believe Dallas hasn't won one in that long.

Via George:

Well, Jerry, since that Super Bowl win in 1996, your Cowboys have made the playoffs eight times in the last 20 years. In those 20 years, your offense has ranked outside of the top ten in total points scored 14 times. Your defense has ranked outside of the top ten in total points allowed 15 times in the last 20 years. And in your most recent season, it was painfully obvious to see just how fragile the team can be with a single injury.

It'll be interesting to see if Jones' 2016 version of the Cowboys can be put those Cowboys back into the championship production. But it appears those earlier days of success for Jones are long gone.

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