'Happy One' Mourinho returns to Chelsea calmer, wanting to create stability at club

A "calmer" Jose Mourinho says he returned to Chelsea hoping to create an era of stability after a decade of constant change at Stamford Bridge.

At the first news conference of Mourinho's second Chelsea stint, there was less of the bravado that characterized his first introduction in 2004.

Back then, Mourinho described himself as a "Special One." But on Monday he declared: "I am the Happy One."

Seven managers have led Chelsea since 2007 when Mourinho left and went on to coach Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

Mourinho told more than 200 journalists inside Stamford Bridge: "We are ready to work together and (have) much better conditions this time to succeed and have what this club wants, which is stability."

Asked about his temperament, Mourinho said: "Calmer? I believe so."