Fan arrested for sneaking into Brazil hotel laundry room to meet Neymar

You may really, really want to meet Neymar. Who wouldn't? But here's a pro tip: Do not try to sneak into the Brazil team hotel for the Olympics. Not only is it creepy, but you'll probably end up in handcuffs.

Case in point: A 21-year-old fan was arrested on Thursday after being found hiding in the laundry room of the hotel the Brazil team is staying at, apparently in an effort to meet Neymar.

"Hotel staff noticed something strange in his behavior and called us," a police officer told Brazilian media. "[He] planned to approach Neymar and the team."

It appears the fan's intentions were benign and he just really wanted a selfie with the Brazilian superstar. The police let the university student off with a warning, but say that a loophole in security has been fixed.

Fans going out of their way to meet their favorite stars is, of course, nothing new. Recent examples include a fan swimming the Mediterranean Sea to Lionel Messi's boat near Ibiza and a ball boy during the Euros sneaking into Portugal's team photo to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.

When the latest fan incident occurred, Neymar and Brazil's Olympic squad were in Goiania ahead of a friendly against Japan. Their Olympic group stage begins on Aug. 4 against South Africa.