Ex-WWE star Luna Vachon dies at 48

Former World Wrestling Entertainment star Gertrude "Luna" Vachon died Friday morning in Florida at age 48.

The cause of death has not been determined. She was found dead at her mother's home, Vachon's friends and family reportedly told the website Canadian Online Explorer (CANOE). She was living with her mother because her home was damaged in a fire.

"World Wrestling Entertainment has been made aware of the passing of Gertrude (Luna) Vachon. WWE extends its deepest condolences to the Vachon family," WWE said in a statement.

"Ms. Vachon was under contract with WWE at various times from 1993 through 2000, and performed under the name 'Luna' Vachon. She last performed for WWE in early 2000."

Vachon, born in 1962, is part of a legendary Canadian pro wrestling family. Her father Paul "Butcher" Vachon, uncle Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon and aunt Vivian Vachon were all successful wrestlers.

Luna Vachon, nicknamed the "Daughter of Darkness," started her career in 1986 and was often known for her intimidating look -- which often included shaving part of her head and wearing face paint -- and her intense wrestling style. She retired from wrestling in 2007 and worked as a tow truck operator, according to CANOE.

Vachon had two sons and two granddaughters, according to the website.