Dolphins denied Rex Ryan from hiring Dan Campbell

A Rex Ryan-Dan Campbell duo was denied by the Dolphins. Andrew Innerarity USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins appear to have made the right move by naming Dan Campbell the team's interim head coach after firing Joe Philbin. He's led the Dolphins to a 2-1 record and has completely changed the culture in the locker room. His tenure as the head coach in Miami almost didn't happen, though.

Rex Ryan said on a conference call Wednesday that the Dolphins blocked him from hiring Campbell back, claiming Miami "wouldn't let him out." The attempt came when Ryan was still with the Jets, so Campbell was still a tight ends coach for the Dolphins.

Ryan is aware of Campbell's toughness, which is something both the Jets and the Bills could use. Ryan even admitted that Campbell isn't someone he'd like to fight.

"He's a big dude, man," Ryan said about Campbell. "I'm 52 and want to see 53."

Ryan and Campbell on the same coaching staff sure would be fun to see. Unfortunately the Dolphins didn't want to let it happen.