DeSean Jackson says returning to the Eagles would be a 'great story'

After watching Carson Wentz's roller-coaster of a rookie season, it's apparent the Eagles need to surround their young quarterback with more talent. His receivers let him down far too often with dropped passes and inconsistency, and it did nothing to help his development.

Fortunately, the draft is littered with talent at wideout and the free agency pool has a handful of good fits at the top. The most intriguing of the bunch is DeSean Jackson, who spent the majority of his career with the Eagles before he was released by former coach Chip Kelly and ended up signing with the Redskins.

"It definitely is a great story or ending, I guess you could say," he said on Adam Schefter's podcast. "Starting your career somewhere then going to a division rival team [and] having the possibility of maybe going back."

Jackson has spent the last three years with Washington, where he caught 142 passes for 2,702 yards and 14 touchdowns. He didn't make the Pro Bowl once with the Redskins after doing so three times with the Eagles.

The Eagles would likely welcome the big-play receiver with open arms, especially with their glaring need at the position. He would open up the offense and give Wentz a deep threat, which he didn't exactly have this season.

Jackson mentioned his biggest priority for next season is to play with a great quarterback, which he believes Kirk Cousins is. He also praised Wentz, saying he has "all the intangibles" to be a top QB.

"Carson Wentz, he came in and had a heck of the year as a rookie. I don't think a lot of people saw that coming," he said.

Nothing is set right now, of course, but the match between Jackson and the Eagles seems like an ideal one.

"You just kind of think about all of that when you start somewhere maybe you could finish it. There is just a lot of speculation of a lot of thoughts. It all sounds good, but you really never know until the final decision is made," he said.