Coach says that Brock can beat Mark Hunt on the ground or on the feet at UFC 200

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Many-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros has coached Brock Lesnar for years. Now that the former UFC champ is coming back to the cage, he's back on the mats with "Comprido."

In fact, the black belt recently promoted the wrestler to blue belt. Despite that rank, the coach says that Lesnar can "smash" him when they grapple.

Furthermore, Medeiros says that when it comes to real fighting, Lesnar can hang with anyone on the ground. "Brock can fight a black belt on the ground," he recently said to Guilherme Cruz.

"[Lesnar] had a constant evolution on the ground because he has practiced it for years. He wrestled since he was five years old, and he's 38 now. Everything I teach him, he absorbs quickly."

Lesnar returns to competition after years away, spent in the WWE, next month at UFC 200. He'll face top-five heavyweight contender Mark Hunt.

Hunt, of course, is a former world champion kickboxer, and may be the hardest hitter in all of MMA. With as good as Hunt has been in recent years, it is easy to favor him in his matchup against Lesnar.

"Comprido" warns that anything can happen in MMA. He picks Lesnar to beat Hunt on the ground, but also reminds everyone that Brock packs a punch on the feet as well.

"I see him winning on the ground, by submission, but anything can happen," he concluded.

"Mark Hunt is one of the best strikers in the UFC, but Brock has heavy hands, too. A grappler like Brock, if one hand lands clean, he can knock you out, or Mark Hunt can get a good position on the ground and submit him. Logic says that Mark Hunt has the advantage standing, and Brock's advantage is on the ground, but we've seen many times that anything can happen."