Chipper Jones cracked a joke after joining team of ex-MLB stars

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Chipper Jones is joining Adam LaRoche's team of ex-MLB players who will be taking on college kids at the National Baseball Congress World Series in August.

He'll join the likes of Roger Clemens, Roy Oswalt, J.D. Drew, Rick Ankiel, Tim Hudson, Josh Beckett and Dan Uggla on the Kansas Stars. Of the 26 players on the team, only Clemens' son Koby didn't play in the majors.

They'll be facing college baseball summer teams, starting Aug. 6 in Wichita, Kansas.

A team of former baseball stars taking on guys half their age in a bid for one last shot at glory? That's one way to make baseball fun again.

And Jones is embracing that aspect of it, cracking a joke after announcing he'd join the team:

The tournament organizers were clearly happy to hear the news:

Let's just do this every year, OK?