China must wait 20 years for another Olympics: Rogge

BEIJING (Reuters) - China will have to wait for another two decades, if not longer, before hosting another Olympic Games to give other nations a fair chance, International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge told the official Xinhua news agency on Thursday.

Beijing hosted a successful 2008 summer Olympics, the country's first, though the run-up was marred by wrangling over human rights issues and violent unrest in Tibet.

Rogge said many other Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Guangzhou, all had the ability to host the Olympics.

"But at the very least (China) will have to wait 20 years or longer," Xinhua quoted him saying in a Chinese language story.

"The Olympics belongs to all of mankind, and the IOC hopes that every part of the world can have the opportunity to enjoy hosting such a glorious and grand occasion," he added in an interview with the state-run agency.

Guangzhou hosted the Asian Games last year and Shanghai the World Expo, spending billions of dollars on new venues and infrastructure projects and showing off China's capacity to put on large-scale events with the minimum of fuss.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; editing by Ken Ferris)