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Left's Scapegoat

Liberals blame Bush for losing 2016 Olympics

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  1. Obama's Olympic Pitch

    How did the media spin Obama's Olympic bid?

  2. Lady Golfer Out of Bounds?

    Transgender golfer sues LPGA after she says they discriminated against her

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    Brian Kilmeade answers your emails

  4. Calling for Competition

    Sen. Schumer wants to pull health insurers' anti-trust exemption

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    Can the Justice Department make sure we get a fair and free election?

  6. Oliver North

    'War Stories' host on new administration's foreign policy

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    Fair and balanced debate on effectiveness of president's more aggressive campaign tone

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    Prediction: The Beijing Olympics will be a complete disaster

  1. Bye Bye, Beijing

    Iraq upset over decision to ban Olympic team

  2. Olympic Discrimination?

    Female ski jumpers fight for right to compete in 2010 Winter Games

  3. Clearing Diyala

    U.S., Iraqi troops tackle insurgent stronghold

  4. Gold Gone

    U.S. men's relay team stripped of Sydney gold medals

  5. Political Hangover?

    Some Democrats blame Bush administration for Olympic snub

  6. Friday's Halftime Report

    Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  7. An Olympic First

    Significance of 2016 Games being held in South America