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Hannity's America: 11/20

Obama breaks his own promise on Gitmo

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  1. Meet the Breeds

    Showcasing unique dogs and cats

  2. Miller Time: 5/19

    Dennis Miller on U.S.- China human rights brouhaha and return of Rev. Wright

  3. Hollywood Nation: 5/30

    Holly Hunter is a 'star'

  4. Obama Plays Panda Diplomacy

    President secures panda extension for National Zoo

  1. Around the World

    Wooly mammoth fossils in Taiwan; coaxing wild young panda off a ledge in China

  2. Traveling East

    Bush will attend Olympics in China where protests and international tensions are competing for the spotlight

  3. McCain Campaign

    The GOP presidential candidate heads out West and has some fighting words about Obama's stance on Iraq

  4. Sen. John McCain, Pt. 2

    Sen. McCain on China -U.S. relations and Tuesday primary predictions

  5. China Ramps up Controls against Protestors and Journalists

    Anti-government protests continue in China

  6. China Riots

    Deadly street battles between Muslim minority and police

  7. After Show Show: Cats and Dogs

    Pet show teaches owners about their breeds