Chargers' Melvin Gordon needs to get out of his own head

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Melvin Gordon had two choices as a speeding Richard Sherman closed in on him -- juke out of the way or dart for the sideline.

He did neither, froze up, and took an unnecessary tackle. With one week to go in preseason, the Chargers' top rookie can't get out of his own head.

"You've got to just go," Gordon told ESPN's Eric D. Williams. "I could have been physical and just tried to run him over. I was thinking I had the outside."

This isn't the first time Gordon has left plays on the field this preseason. The Wisconsin product said he missed a chance for a big gain against the Cowboys two weeks back.

Not much has changed since. The Seahawks held Gordon to four runs of no gain or negative yards this weekend.

He still finished the game with 34 rushing yards -- but Gordon will be haunted by that Sherman play until he learns to think less and play more.

Said Gordon: "I was thinking about all of that in that matter of that time, and about the time it was time to go, he was on me."

(h/t ESPN)