Cardinals give thriving Heyward space as his free-agency looms

Jason Heyward seems to have it all going for him. The St. Louis Cardinals right fielder celebrated his 26th birthday Sunday, he's playing well and doing so for a team cruising toward the postseason.

He arrived in St. Louis nine months ago in a trade from the Atlanta Braves. Born to be a star, it hasn't always worked out that way for the somewhat polarizing Heyward, however his initiation into one of the best-run organizations in the majors has been a relatively smooth experience, enough so that he might want to make St. Louis his long-term home.

But that will be decided in the offseason when Hewyard becomes a free agent just as he hits his athletic prime. Until then, the Cardinals are giving him his space as both sides prefer to stick to baseball during the season, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

And that's just fine with Heyward.

"At this point, I think both sides are OK with that, OK with where things are right now," Hewyard told the Post-Dispatch. "Both sides want to make sure everybody is happy. That's really what they've been asking me about the whole time. 'Hey, you like it here? hey, you comfortable?' They want to make sure I feel at home, make sure I can be myself, and that's been their focus.They've allowed me the time to fit in. That has meant a lot."

Heyward described St. Louis as, "the kind of place you talk about being as a player ... the grass isn't greener everywhere."

(h/t St. Louis Post-Dispatch)