Bill Romanowski has a violent and lunatic way to stop Cam Newton

Bill Romanowski was one of the fiercest and most feared football players of his time -- a reputation he clearly relished as a linebacker -- so of course he would answer a question about Cam Newton completely in character.

Romanowski was asked whom he'd rather hit, Newton or Peyton Manning, and how it would go down. Here was his response on the Carolina Panthers quarterback:

"Cam Newton. Are you kidding me? I'd hit him as hard as I possibly could, and probably at the bottom of the pile I'd try to get him by the neck and choke him. Hopefully he can't breathe for a long time."

Alrighty then.

If you watch the Bleacher Report video below, it's pretty clear Romanowski was playing it up for the camera and his "strategy" was all in jest. But hell, with how he destroyed people on the football field, you never really know.