Alex Rodriguez is having a pretty remarkable season for the New York Yankees, given that he will turn 40 on Monday and his own organization doesn't seem to want him around. So remarkable, in fact, that it's been hard to rag on the guy, even with all that unfortunate history.

So here you go, everyone, your moment to get a chuckle at A-Rod's expense in that video at the top.

The scene: It was the bottom of the first inning in Thursday's game against the Baltimore Orioles. With Rodriguez on first base, Chase Headley launched a pitch from Ubaldo Jimenez to the right-field gap. A-Rod got on his horse, made it all the way around the bases, avoided a tag attempt, reached down to touch the plate, and then executed a graceful double-somersault/slide. He then had to be hosed down with a spray bottle in the dugout afterward.

It didn't look pretty, but it's a run. The Yankees won 9-3.

Vote A-Rod for President in 2016.