A-Rod fans should want Joselyn back

New York Yankee fans thirsting for first place should urge Alex Rodriguez to reunite with Joslyn Morse, the blond bombshell who busted open his marriage during the 2007 season, the New York Post reported Sunday.

A Post analysis of six years of the slugger's statistics -- and how they followed the curve of his relationships -- shows his brief stint with Morse brought out his best game.

If that reunion doesn't work, the third baseman should beg his ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, to take him back. He posted his second-best performance at the plate as a Yankee during their marriage.

Surprisingly, A-Rod's bat was least potent with Kate Hudson, who was in the stands when he earned a World Series ring last year. He fared a little better at the plate when Cameron Diaz and Madonna were by his side.

The slugger had an explosive swing while hanging with Morse, swatting a home run every 11.7 plate appearances and smacking an average of .880 RBIs per game. The Post revealed their late-night meet-ups on May 30, 2007, but the get-togethers dated to at least the start of season -- a 50-game span.

During that time, A-Rod batted .293 and scored an average of .860 runs per game.

Projected over a full season, A-Rod would have clobbered 62 home runs, driven in 143 RBIs and scored 139 runs.

While married to C-Rod, he posted his best batting average, .304. He also hit a home run every 16.8 plate appearances and smacked an average of .800 RBIs per game.

They were a couple when Rodriguez started as a Yankee in 2004, but Cynthia -- fed up with his fling with Madonna -- filed for divorce in July 2008, after he had played 599 games in pinstripes.

The Material Girl didn't add much pop to his bat. He had his second-best batting average, .301, but he was least productive in RBIs and only third-best in home runs.

The frisky fielder moved on to Hudson and stayed with her throughout the 2009 season, but the actress was more of a good-luck charm for the team than for Rodriguez's swing.

The Bombers had a .660 winning percentage and won the World Series. But A-Rod posted his worst batting average, .286, and was second-worst in average home runs per appearance and only third in RBI output.

Diaz has been the blonde of choice for A-Rod this season. In the 42 games they've been together, he is having his worst home-run output, hitting a dinger every 31.2 plate appearances. But he has his third-best batting average, .298, and is generating an average of .762 RBIs per game.