Woman, 80, arrested after tearing down LaRouche group's 'Obama-Hitler' sign

Nancy Lack is old enough to remember the rise and fall of Hitler, so when she saw a sign in her Connecticut neighborhood that attempted to liken President Obama to the Nazi dictator, she took action.

Lack, who is 80, saw the sign portraying Obama with Hitler's trademark toothbrush mustache near a sidewalk display set up along Main Street by supporters of fringe presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche in downtown Hebron. She slammed on her brakes, spryly jumped out of her car and strode toward the display, where she snatched a free-standing sign and tore two more from a display table manned by LaRouche backers. The sign showed the offending image with a call for Obama's impeachment "fast and furiously."


“I just got very angry that they would do that to [President] Obama’s image,” Lack told WVIT-TV. “A woman was following me to the car and I put the posters in the car and I said, ‘Make sure you get my license plate.’”

The woman did, and Lack was arrested - but said she has no regrets. She said she made a determination that, even in today's polarized political climate, this was worth getting handcuffed over.

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“My generation went through the Second World War, and Nazism is about the worst thing there can be,” she said.

Lack was arrested and charged with sixth-degree larceny and breach of peace. She is due to appear before a judge next week. But she may not be alone when she goes to court, given the attention she has earned with her plucky stance.

“This has all been very overwhelming,” Lack told FoxNews.com. “But everyone has been very supportive.”

Lack could face a fine and up to three months in jail if she is convicted.

The LaRouche PAC supports Lyndon LaRouche, a 90-year-old perennial presidential candidate who served six years in prison after a 1988 conviction for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax code violations. Perhaps the best-known of LaRouche's wacky accusations was his 1980 charge that Queen Elizabeth II was the head of an international drug cartel. The LaRouche backers are currently calling for the impeachment of President Obama for “war crimes, cover-ups, and blatant violations of the constitution,” according to their website.

LaRouche has run for president a total of eight times since 1976, with his last campaign during the 2004 elections.