Who got the most airtime during the Democratic debate?

The first Democratic presidential primary debate is in the books. Let's take a look at who got the most speaking time:

Hillary Clinton spoke for three times longer than Lincoln Chafee did. Clinton spoke for over 30 minutes in the more than two-hour debate. Chafee spoke the least, getting only nine minutes. The candidates averaged 20 minutes of speaking time.

Clinton and Bernie Sanders spoke for more than their fair share of time, if you believe each candidate should have had equal time.

On the other hand, if you think higher-polling candidates should have gotten more speaking time, Clinton didn't speak enough. Bernie Sanders' portion of speaking time was in line with his share of poll numbers. Every other candidate's portion of speaking time was larger than their share of support (granted, they all average less than one percent support). Martin O'Malley, for example, had 44 times more speaking time than his 0.4 percent average in national polls.

How often did the candidates use buzzwords like "Trump," "free" or "Wall Street"? Sanders brought up Wall Street 11 times. He also said "free" and "emails" more often than every other candidate. That might make it seem as if Sanders was attacking Clinton for her email scandal, but Sanders was actually defending Clinton when he brought up emails.

Webb used buzzwords the least, mentioning "Wall Street" twice but none of the other buzzwords we tracked.

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