White House defends Obama's snarky interview with Zach Galifianakis

The White House is defending President Obama's snarky appearance on comedian Zach Galifianakis’ mock-interview show “Between Two Ferns," touting it as a creative, effective way to promote ObamaCare to young adults.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed Tuesday that the video was the "number one referral" to HealthCare.gov the morning it was released online. He said he believes the "viral" video will be a big factor in getting young people to visit the website and explore coverage.

Asked whether Obama's appearance on the "show" was beneath the office of the president, Carney said he did not think so, saying "we made the right call here."

Obama delivered both jabs and a plug for the law in the episode, which was filmed two weeks ago and released online Tuesday. Galifianakis is known for putting his interview subjects in awkward positions and passive-aggressively insulting them in the "Funny or Die" web series.

Galifianakis began by asking Obama if he was planning on pardoning another turkey for Thanksgiving in 2014. Obama said yes and then asked Galifianakis if it was depressing for him to see a turkey “taken out of circulation” that he “couldn’t eat.”

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    Galifianakis responded by asking if after Obama sent “Ambassador Rodman” to North Korea, he would send Hulk Hogan to Syria or if that was more a job for Tonya Harding.

    He also asked Obama what it is like being the “last black president,” and if Obama is sad that when he leaves the White House people will stop letting him win at basketball. Obama responded by asking Galifianakis what it is like to have a “three-inch vertical.”

    When Galifianakis asked if he would run for a third term, Obama told him it would be like the third “Hangover” movie -- probably not a good idea.

    Obama then touted his health care overhaul, asking Galifianakis if he had heard of HealthCare.gov and insisting it “works great now.” He then told a seemingly bored Galifianakis how young people can get covered for what it costs to “pay their cell phone bill” every month.

    “Is this what they mean by drones?” Galifianakis asked.

    The White House has engaged in numerous pushes recently to get young Americans to sign up for health care, including a video featuring YouTube stars released last week.