Collectors jumping on Thursday’s news that President Trump canceled his long-anticipated meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un crashed the White House Gift Shop website trying to buy the post-summit coin.

The gift shop was selling the “unique heirloom of political history” for $19.95 and was even offering a refund initially if the June 12 summit didn’t end up taking place, according to the New York Post. The coin was going for a robust $24.95 before the cancellation was revealed.

“Most supporters have said they want this heirloom of political history regardless of outcome,” the shop said on its website, according to BBC.

The website was up and running as of Friday afternoon.

The commemorative item features the silhouettes of Trump, Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, according to the gift shop website. The coin comes in a black velvet case with a plastic protective cover set.

The White House has said it didn’t create the coin and the gift shop notes that the token is different from the one created by the White House Communications Agency.

Now, with Trump telling reporters Friday that the summit might be back on after all, it’s unclear what the value of the coin could possibly be.

A quick scan of eBay and Amazon yielded no results of anyone selling the challenge coin.