Trump campaign rakes in massive $247.8M in September, though still short of Biden fundraising haul

Trump campaign and RNC has $251.4M cash on hand, compared to Biden and Dems, with $432M

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised a massive $247.8 million in September, an impressive haul as the 2020 cycle hit its final stretch -- though still short of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who raked in $383 million in the same time period.

“President Trump hits final stretch with strength, resources, record & huge ground game needed to spread message and secure re-election,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh tweeted late Thursday.


The Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and its joint-fundraising committees brought in $247.8 million in September, and combined, have a whopping $251.4 million cash on hand.

“POTUS has done more in 47 months than Biden in 47 years,” Murtaugh added.

But the Biden campaign and Democrats, earlier this week, announced their fundraising numbers, revealing they out-raised Trump and Republicans, bringing in $383 million in September.

“To every person who chipped in a few dollars last month — thank you. Because of your support, we raised an astounding $383 million. I'm incredibly humbled,” Biden tweeted.

“That’s more than I’ve ever raised in my whole life… I’m really humbled by it,” Biden added in a video in which he announced the news to one of his supporters, a special education teacher who lives in Harrisburg, Pa.

Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon announced on Twitter that the Biden campaign and the DNC entered October with an eye-popping $432 million cash on hand. That’s down slightly from the $466 million they had in the bank at the beginning of September, as the Biden campaign continues to spend tens of millions of dollars each week to run ads on TV, radio, and digital in the key general election battleground states and on national broadcast and cable networks.


Touting the campaign’s low-dollar donations, Dillon said that “Our success has been driven by our grassroots supporters. $203 million came from online donors. We had 1.1 million new donors last month — bringing the total to 5.5 million donors throughout this campaign.”

The Biden campaign also outraised Team Trump in August, touting $364.5 million raised, while the Trump campaign brought in $210 million during the same period. 

But at the time, a senior Trump campaign official told Fox News that Trump was out-raised in 2016 by then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who brought in $1.2 billion to his $646 million (including some of Trump's own money).

“We had the better candidate, the better message, and better grassroots enthusiasm then, just like we do now,” the official told Fox News. “Biden needs this money, because we had such an enormous head start on him.”

Fox News' Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.