Senate Democratic Nominee Alvin Greene in His Own Words

Alvin Greene's rise from unemployed military veteran to South Carolina's Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate may have raised eyebrows. But Greene hasn't shied away from the media attention his improbable run has drawn. Here is a look at his memorable quotes this week:

"The Democratic Party has chosen their nominee, and we have to stand behind their choice," Greene said in response to party officials asking him to withdraw from the race after they learned he is facing a felony charge for allegedly showing a college student pornography.  "The people have spoken. We need to be pro-South Carolina, not anti-Greene."

"I'm a Democrat and always been a Democrat and I will always support Democrats," Greene told Fox News in response to Majority Whip James Clyburn's assertion that he is a Republican plant.

"No, 60 percent is not luck. Sixty percent is decisive," Greene told Fox News, citing his winning percentage to bat down suggestions that his victory was a fluke.

"Just simple old-fashioned campaigning and I spent less than $2,000 of my own money," Greene said, explaining how he pulled off his improbable victory.

"I am a legitimate candidate," Greene said in response to questions about Clyburn's request for an investigation. "There's no need for it."

"Well because they identified with me because I am more in touch with the constituents of South Carolina than any of my opponents," Greene said, explaining how he was able to draw more votes than his opponent Vic Rawl, a four-term state lawmaker and former judge who had the backing of the state party. "They relate to me and I can relate to their struggles and their issues better than my opponents."

"Last weekend was the first, I mean, I had friends and their friends help," Greene said, pausing several seconds. "I mean, I don't want to talk about the campaign. We get caught up in the campaign -- 'How he won?' -- whatever. I worked hard."

"I'm innocent until proven guilty," Greene said about the incident that led to the felony charge he faces. "I don't want to focus on negative things."

"It was an honorable discharge, but it was involuntary," Greene said about his military service in the Army. He declined to elaborate, saying, "Things weren't working's a long story."