Sen. Lee: Hole in GOP is size of 'conservative reform agenda'

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee told viewers Wednesday on "Special Report with Bret Baier"that there is a hole within the Republican Party, but it is "exactly the size and shape of a conservative reform agenda."

Lee, who appeared as a guest on the "Special Report" panel "Center Seat," said the problem is a tension between the party's base and its elected leadership.

"And that's kind of where this gulf comes in, this hole that's the size and shape of the conservative reform agenda," he said.

Lee, who delivered the Tea Party response to Tuesday night's State of the Union address, said that embracing conservative ideas will help the party in the long term.

"This is how we appeal this is how we show that the inequality program that the president keeps harping on is really the product of an out of control federal government that knows no boundaries, no limits on its authority," he said. "This is how we show that this is how we create more upward mobility in our society, creating opportunities for the poor, and for the middle class."