Scarborough, Hewitt battle over Ben Carson coverage

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt got into a heated exchange Monday morning over the conservative media's general support for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, even though in Scarborough's opinion, Carson is not a viable nominee.

"These stories do not add up," Scarborough said, referring to inspiring anecdotes Carson has said are part of his lifestory but that have fallen under scrutiny. "The conservative media knows these stories do not add up. How long do we sit back quietly and pretend that they do add up because we don't want to offend our audience?"

Hewitt said the conservative media should "not engage in knifing our candidates" and should instead call on the mainstream press to cover Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton more aggressively.

"You folks in the Manhattan, D.C. beltway media elite do not care to dive deep into the narratives of Democrats," Hewitt said to Scarborough, who is a former Republican congressman.