Rubio would lead pack in obscure Senate field

Sen. Marco Rubio could shake up the Florida Senate race if he changes his mind and seeks re-election, because his familiarity among voters would likely let him surge ahead of an otherwise obscure pack of candidates in both parties.

"The good news for Marco Rubio is he has very high name recognition," Peter Brown, who surveys Florida voters for the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Eight Republicans and three Democrats are running in the August 30 primary that will award each party a spot on the ticket. November matchup polls, however, show no candidate has a clear advantage, which is worrisome to Republican party leaders who are fighting to hold onto the Senate majority, and desperate to hang onto Rubio's seat.

"If there has ever been a race that has been up in the air on both sides of the aisle, it happens to be this one, at the moment," University of South Florida political science professor Susan MacManus told the Washington Examiner.