President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized his predecessor's foreign policy record since taking office, but former White House senior adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove told Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" Monday that repeated criticism "will quickly become tiresome."

"Look, [Trump] is right that a lot of what we are facing today is a direct result of failed policies under Barack Obama," Rove told host Dana Perino. "Having said that, though, it doesn’t make President Trump look strong. Better for him to focus what time he has with the American people ... on looking at what he’s doing and carrying it forward."

Rove argued that Trump's repeated criticism of Obama has overshadowed the new administration's global successes, such as this month's missile strike against Syria's military.

"If he’d use [Twitter] to help advance his cause when it comes to these kind of foreign policy ... then he does get more political credit," Rove said. "Simply bashing President Obama ... works with the people who are with him already, it doesn’t help expand [his base] by drawing to his side people who either sat out the election or were mildly disposed to be for Hillary Clinton over him."


Rove also adressed the controversy over the White House's refusal to make its visitor logs public. He said the Trump administration was on "solid legal ground" to make the decision, but added that it was "needless controversy."

"He is already under fire for not releasing his tax returns as previous presidents have done," Rove said. "Now, he has this where he looks like he’s trying to constrict people’s information, people’s access to what’s going on."