Rosario Marin: What Will Your Vote Do?

Your vote does one of two things: It approves or disapproves. It either rewards or punishes.

It rewards good work, good policies, truthfulness, or accomplishments, or it punishes bad performance, bad policies, lies or failed results.

As we approach this November election, voters across the nation should stop to think about how their vote will reward or punish the current administration.

It is incumbent upon the current office holder to prove that he deserves another four years.

He has to prove that his policies have advanced the well-being of Americans. It is up to him to stand up for his results. It falls on him to make his case. The election is a referendum on his performance.

When it comes to the Latino community, following are the results of President Obama’s four years in office:

  • Higher percentage of Latinos on unemployment rolls
  • Higher percentage of Latinos who have lost their homes
  • More Latinos on welfare than ever before
  • More Latinos receiving food stamps than ever before
  • More non-criminal Latinos deported than in previous administrations

President Obama can’t escape it, this is his record. His policies have placed tremendous burdens upon this faithful community. He has to answer for his failed policies.

Surely, some apologists for the administration will say that he inherited the worst economic recession in the history of our nation -- and that is true. But it is also true that he has made matters worse.

His policies have made this recession the longest and worst economic recovery in our history; so much so, that some people would argue we have not yet recovered and, worse still , we are entering another recession.

Some other people would suggest that had he not been in office, matters would have been worse, or predict that unless he gets re-elected things might get even worse.

I suppose scare tactics always come in handy when your record is so dismal.

But if you were an employer, would you reward someone with a bonus who doesn’t do his job, comes in late, lies and disrespects you? You wouldn’t, you would fire him.

For all the flimflam about the Latino vote and how it can make a difference, I submit that our vote will only count when it is used to reward good work or punish unacceptable results.

Otherwise, that vote will be taken for granted and we will live with a government that does not value us. Our vote would have spoken, but to our detriment.

If we are satisfied with the current results, then our vote to maintain the current resident in the White House will secure more of the same -- more Latinos on unemployment lines, more Latinos on welfare, more Latinos losing their homes, etc.

But if we don’t like the current state of affairs for our community, then we need to hold the current administration accountable and give someone else a chance.

One thing I know for sure, the Latino community deserves much, much better than what we have right now.