Rand Paul: I Never Kidnapped Anyone or Forced Them to Do Drugs

In the universe of words a candidate for elected office never wants to have to utter, these must be at the top: "I will categorically deny that I ever kidnapped anyone or forced someone to use drugs."

That was Senate GOP candidate Rand Paul on Fox's Your World with Neil Cavuto Tuesday afternoon, defending himself against charges first published in GQ Magazine Monday quoting an unnamed woman who says Paul and a friend, both allegedly part of a "secret society" known for pranks, kidnapped her while they were all in college back in 1983 as part of a prank and forced her to do drugs.

The woman, who was granted anonymity because GQ says she is a clinical psychologist, alleged that the young Paul and his society mate were smoking marijuana and tried to force the girl to do the same.

Paul told Cavuto, "I'm not really going to try to go back 27 years and try to remember everything," adding, "I don't think politicians should have to answer for something they did 27 years ago."

According to GQ, when the woman refused the pot, the two men took her down to a creek and made her bow down to some kind of "Aqua Buddha," though she makes clear that she was never hurt at any time, telling the magazine reporter, "They were messing with my mind. It was some kind of joke."

Paul is ahead in the polling against Democrat Jack Conway, Kentucky's attorney general.