Rand Paul bucks Boehner … again

In an extraordinary admonition of the Tea Party, Speaker Boehner whacked those who don’t support the Ryan-Murray bipartisan budget deal. And Rand Paul and his dad took to Twitter to take him to task.

Boehner had this to say yesterday about outside conservative groups and their opposition to the deal: "They're using our members and they're using the American people for their own goals," he said. "This is ridiculous."

One reporter, who covers the Hill, sums up Boehner’s bravado saying it sounds like them’s fightin’ words.

Rand posted this tweet yesterday afternoon voicing his displeasure with an, um, surprising picture of a TSA pat down.

His other tweets were more along the lines of political posturing we’re used to reading.

Same goes for this one, from his father.

Meanwhile, Boehner’s backers are promoting the positive points of a bipartisan pact.

But Tea Partiers aren’t happy about reaching common ground on this issue.

Kinda like Congress, no?


Move over Pope Francis, Glenn Beck doesn’t think you are worthy of Time’s ‘Man of the Year’ status. It’s Texas’ “Cruz Missile” who gets his vote.

Time says the reason for the choice is that, "He has captured so much attention so quickly - young & old, faithful & cynical."


As we told you yesterday, big daddy Bush beat W in the race to tweet. In just one day, 66,000 people followed Sr. and dozens of others wished him well … including Bill Clinton and Boehner.

Who, might we add, tickled some funny bones with a twist on a classic Bushism. (Remember Dana Carvey impersonating him?)

NYT Social media editor, Michael Roston, joins in on the stroll down memory lane.

But, Twitter is not an easy nut to crack as comedian Albert Brooks attests.

We’re sure Bush is up to it. Remember these quips from pre-Twitter days?

"It has been said by some cynic, maybe it was a former president, 'If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.' Well, we took them literally — that advice — as you know. But I didn't need that because I have Barbara Bush." — in 1989

"Please just don't look at the part of the glass, the part that is only less than half full." – in 1991

"When I need a little advice about Saddam Hussein, I turn to country music." — George Bush Sr., in 1991

On second thought, maybe Twitter isn’t such a good idea.


The newest member of the Senate is a quick-fingered and prolific tweeter. Cory Booker’s feed is among the most lively of the Hill’s 100, and like Forrest Gump says, ‘You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Today’s gem? He was a DJ who went by the name of C-Boogie.

Your secret is safe with us.

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