Poll: Obama's Performance Rating Hits Lowest Mark Yet

President Obama's approval ratings hit their lowest ranking yet in the Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll out Tuesday, with 27 percent strongly approving of the president's job performance and 42 percent strongly disapproving, an index rating of -15.

The president's total approval is 45 percent in the latest poll, which matches his lowest approval rating overall, compared to 54 percent disapproval.

Approval is strongly divided by party with 52 percent of Democrats strongly approving and 68 percent of Republicans strongly disapproving. However, Obama appears to be losing the critical independent vote with 16 percent of unaffiliated voters strongly approving and 33 percent of independent voters approving overall. Fifty-one percent of independents strongly disapprove.

Among the concerns for Americans are the war in Afghanistan, financial management and health care reform. Forty-five percent want the U.S. out of Afghanistan in a year, while 43 percent don't want a timetable.

Fifty-three percent of likely voters polled said they are worried the federal government is overmanaging the economy.

The same poll showed that only 34 percent of seniors approve of the health care proposals now on the table while 60 percent disapprove. A majority of people under 30 approve, though majorities in every other age group disapprove. Overall, support for the Democratic plan backed by the president has dropped to just 38 percent of voters, the lowest level of support measured by Rasmussen since June polling on the issue.

"Seniors interact with the health care system more than any other segment in society. They are also the group most likely to show up and vote in the midterm election, and by the way they didn't support Barack Obama in 2008, and so they are clearly disenchanted with the way things are going right now," polling director Scott Rasmussen told Fox News.

Rasmussen noted that the polling is a warning to Democrats rather than Republicans because many are still worried about the GOP.

Rasmussen collects daily tracking results by telephone surveys of 500 likely voters per night and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. The margin of sampling error for 1,500 likely voters is 3 percent. 

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