Photoshop flap has Rubio campaign crying foul

The Marco Rubio campaign is crying foul over what appears to be a Photoshopped image of the Florida senator shaking hands with President Obama over a trade pact, on a website apparently produced by the Cruz campaign.

The website, which features other digitally altered images of the Florida senator, offers visitors the chance to take a “stand against Rubio,” with a link to Ted Cruz’s get-out-the-vote site

"This is a disturbing pattern, they are making stuff up every day," Rubio told reporters Thursday.

Rubio senior advisor Todd Harris said the body shown in the image in question is "not Rubio."

“This person, we don’t know who that is, but they Photoshopped Marco’s face onto somebody else. This is how phony and how deceitful the Cruz campaign has become.”

The campaign says the original image, apparently reversed, was from a stock photograph.

The Cruz campaign has not offered a response publicly. Campaign manager Jeff Roe instead tweeted out a different Getty Images photo of Rubio and Obama shaking hands at an Obama address to Congress.

This is the latest in a war of words between the two campaigns over alleged dishonesty -- whether on Capitol Hill or the primary trail. Cruz was accused earlier in the week of being behind a fake Facebook page declaring that South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, who had endorsed Rubio, was switching over to Cruz.

“Unfortunately it appears that the campaign of Senator Ted Cruz may not place the same value on waging a contest based on the truth and facts," Gowdy said in a statement.

Cruz vehemently denied the charges on Facebook. “Our campaign had absolutely nothing to do with this fraudulent Facebook post. This kind of deception is deplorable and nothing like it would be tolerated by this campaign.”