Perk Up - Tracking Presidential Polls over a Cup of Coffee

For those curious about the outcome of the upcoming presidential election - perk up and take note. You could cast an unofficial vote while getting your political and caffeine buzz with 7-Eleven's Presidential Coffee Cup poll.

The store invites customers to choose a blue coffee cup for President Barack Obama or red coffee cup to show support for former Governor Mitt Romney. For those undecided voters, or those who are quiet about their party affiliation, nonpartisan cups are available as well. Cups are tabulated at the register and the national daily results are posted at

The poll, which touts itself in as "unabashedly unofficial and unscientific," has correctly predicted the winner in every presidential election since 2000.

Currently a cup of Joe (Biden) is leading as current polling results have Obama ahead of Romney 58-42 percent.

Whatever party affiliation may be brewing, 7-Eleven is allowing their customers to expresso themselves - finding this political season most customers can find common grounds in their love for coffee.