Pence: Clintons practice 'politics of personal enrichment'

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said Tuesday night that Bill and Hillary Clinton's careers in public life "have been characterized by the politics of personal enrichment."

With a week remaining before polls close in the 2016 general election, Pence told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly on "The O'Reilly Factor" that the ongoing investigations into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, as well as accusations of corruption at the Clinton Foundation "convinces millions of Americans that Hillary Clinton should never be elected president of the United States."

"I think her actions as secretary of state, the pay-to-play politics, where you saw Hillary Clinton and aides to Hillary Clinton actually directing contracts for the reconstruction of Haiti to friends of the Clintons who were contributors to their campaigns and their private foundation, that’s the kind of pay-to-play corruption the American people are tired of in Washington D.C.," Pence said.

With polls showing the presidential race tightening in recent days, Pence said that the Trump campaign had the momentum.

"The enthusiasm that we see from not just Republicans, but independents and many Democrats around the country is like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime since the days of Ronald Reagan," said Pence, who was campaigning Tuesday in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania.