Pay more, get less: Introducing ObamaCare in Illinois

At best, folks in Illinois looking for insurance on the Obamacare exchanges will pay a little bit more than they currently do for health insurance.

But while they'll be paying a little bit more, they'll be getting an awful lot less.

The state released the price for insurance premiums to be offered through the Obamacare exchanges starting Oct 1 and the numbers aren't pretty.

But that's not the message pushed by the Illinois chief executive.

"Illinois residents will be able to select a plan that is affordable and meets the healthcare needs of their families. The number and quality of affordable health plans that will be offered through the Illinois Marketplace is impressive," Gov. Pat Quinn crows in a statement.

Quinn goes on to brag that "Illinois' rates are lower than was predicted by HHS and lower than many other states."

Lower than expected does not mean low cost.

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