Outrage, backlash over foul-mouthed kids bashing Donald Trump

Donald Trump says the shockingly profane political ad featuring foul-mouthed Latino kids personally bashing him is a terrible disgrace, echoing an avalanche of backlash from critics who are calling the video abusive and disgusting.

The 2-minute political ad produced by Deportracism.com, a Democratic Political Action Committee (PAC), features young Hispanic children calling Trump a racist in a profanity laced tirade.

The political attack ad shows young kids saying, "F*** you racist f***," one young child says to Trump while holding up a middle finger. Two children go on to say: "Yo, Trump. You may be high in the polls. Thanks to pinches racist suckers but you're all going to have to come thru me if you try to deport my abuelita m*****f*****."

“I think it’s terrible. Just terrible,” Trump said Friday, on Mornings with Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business Channel. “To have young kids using that kind of language is a disgrace and its totally backfired and people are actually going wild about it and they’re saying ‘we’re now going to support Trump.’ Anybody that would do an ad like that is stupid to be honest. They’re stupid people that would do an ad like that.”

WARNING: Expletive video below.

Even Trump’s political opponents, including U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who is Cuban-American, agreed that the ad had gone too far.

“As a father, it's a disgusting video,” Rubio said Friday on Fox & Friends.  “What kind of parent allows their children to participate in something like that?"

Rubio went on to say the video is not representative of how the entire Latino community views Trump.

"By the way, they are creating this image that somehow, unless you're in favor of illegal immigration, you're anti-Hispanic. That's absurd. There are millions of Hispanics that are waiting to come this country legally whose family members have been waiting for 10 years and have done it the right way."

Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera, who is critical of Trump's anti-Hispanic immigration rhetoric, echoed Rubio's outrage, saying it’s a political group exploiting children to make their point.

“I think it is borderline child abuse,” Rivera said. “It’s terrible, it’s counter-productive, it will rebound in a very negative way. If anything, it will throw support toward Donald Trump’s candidacy and boost the ratings of Saturday Night Live. It is ill-considered.”

Trump will host SNL Saturday despite outrage from 40 of the nation's largest Latino activist groups.

The video has amassed nearly half a million views since it published on YouTube Tuesday, but it has 7 times more dislikes than it has likes from viewers, and more than 14,000 comments – many of which criticize the video.

Organizers, however, say their in-your-face tactics are a justified response to Trump, who has called to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants and has likened Mexicans in the country illegally to “rapists” and “drug dealers.”

"The adorable and articulate kids in the DeportRacism.com video are using bad word for a good cause," the director of the video, Luke Montgomery, told Fox News Latino. "What's more offensive? A four-letter word, or a Republican presidential frontrunner who is calling Mexican immigrants 'rapists' and 'drug dealers' and referring to American-born U.S. citizen kids as "anchor babies" and talking of changing the constitution to strip them of their legal rights as Americans?"

When asked whether the message in the video is lost because of the use of profanity, Montogomery said no, "it is not."

In fact, he said, "It's the reason so many media outlets are talking about it and the message from the Latino kids about Trump's racism is being heard in a great way."