Obama campaign dismisses Romney convention speech, says 'there was no big idea here'

A senior Obama campaign official tells Fox News, in response to the Romney speech: "There was no big idea here," adding that Romney "recycled widely debunked attacks."

The aide said President Obama has not been watching the RNC but has been briefed on the goings-on.

OFA claims Romney's plan to create 12 million jobs is unsupported by any concrete proposals, and that economists say the Obama administration is already on track to create that number of jobs by the end of this term.

OFA also says Romney cannot possibly deliver energy independence by 2020 given his opposition to the fuel economy standards for cars on which he administration, with input from Detroit, finalized rule-making this week.

Campaign aides to the president said the Democratic convention in Charlotte will present a marked contrast with the RNC.

"Ours will not be a reinvention convention," said one staffer. "Only Mitt Romney has been talking about the need to reinvent himself."

The DNC gathering, aides said, will emphasize middle class security and feature ordinary citizens who are "American heroes."

Asked if the DNC will roll out any new attacks on the Romney-Ryan ticket or fresh appeals from the president, one OFA senior official told Fox News: "I know reporters are obsessed with the new, but you're going to hear from us what you've already heard."