NRA Endorses Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association on Friday.

The incumbent governor is locked in a tough primary race with fellow Republican, U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Perry is trying to position himself as the true conservative in the race.

The NRA endorsement comes just days after the Perry Camp announced that fellow conservative and Republican Party mega-star Sarah Palin will campaign with Perry in February.

Upon accepting the endorsement, Perry said, "Thankfully, we have organizations like these that are devoted to defending our essential Second Amendment rights and protecting the pillars of our democracy. I honestly believe in an individual’s right to carry for the way it helps a citizen with self-defense and for the deterrent effect it has on other violent crimes. This keeps us all safer."

The NRA also commended Kay Bailey Hutchison for her support of gun rights, but added that it is usually the policy of the NRA to endorse the incumbent.

The highly anticipated Texas Gubernatorial Republican primary takes place on March 2nd.