Newt Gingrich Says He Prays Before Speeches

Council Bluffs, Iowa -- Newt Gingrich's outreach to Iowa's religious base continues; on Saturday Dave Leggett, founding pastor of New Life Fellowship in Council Bluffs, endorsed him during a pit stop in town.

Gingrich told the standing room only audience that he prays "before virtually every speech and virtually every major decision."

"I believe deeply in God," Gingrich said when asked about his religious beliefs. "I believe that salvation comes through a belief in God. And I believe that all of us are lacking in the ability in ourselves to save ourselves...Callista is a cradle Catholic, she grew up in the Catholic church, I'm a convert. But all I can tell you is I find taking the Communion an enormously rewarding and deepening experience."

Gingrich participated in a conference call with pastors across Iowa Friday, an event organized by Don Wildmon of the American Family Association who endorsed him a few weeks ago.

Asked by an audience member why Eric Holder was still the Attorney General, the candidate replied,"Because Barack Obama is still in there."

"Eric Holder is just a junior version of President Obama," Gingrich said.