Nevada family reportedly faces $1.2M in medical bills over ObamaCare typo, confusion

A Nevada family reportedly is grappling with more than $1 million in medical bills, after the insurance they bought on the ObamaCare exchange refused to pay claims over a typo and other issues.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Kynell and Amber Smith are dealing with a six-month nightmare. It all started when Amber Smith in February delivered her daughter five weeks early.

Her 40-day hospital stay reportedly included two surgeries.

But the Review-Journal reports that the Anthem Blue Cross insurance they got through the Nevada Health Link -- an ObamaCare exchange -- is not paying claims. The payments are being denied, reportedly because the mother's birth year is incorrectly listed on the insurance card. It should be 1979, but is listed as 1978.

The newspaper reports the family is also struggling to get their baby daughter Kinsley added to the insurance. They are facing $1.2 million in medical bills.

"I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get this resolved," Kynell Smith told the newspaper.

The family reportedly has heard a slew of explanations. The marketplace was built by Xerox, which the state dropped in May amid widespread technical problems.

An Anthem spokeswoman put the blame on Xerox, particularly the problem over changes to birth dates. Xerox reportedly told the insurance company the only way to add a baby is to cancel the plan and reissue it.

The exchange reportedly is trying to solve the Smith family's problem "as quickly as possible."

The family reportedly has contacted a law firm about their case.