Murdoch: GOP 'mad' to try dumping Trump

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is cautioning Republican Party leaders against any plan to interfere in Donald Trump becoming the GOP presidential nominee.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that veteran party operatives and leaders met to discuss the possibility of a coalescing around a "mainstream" alternative to Trump, should he make it to the Republican National Convention next year with enough support to become the nominee.

"GOP mad to think of expelling Trump, or ganging up," Murdoch said Friday on Twitter. Doing so would "justify" an independent run by Trump, damanging the party's chance to defeat likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, added Murdoch, whose sprawling corporate empire includes Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

Trump has flirted with the idea of leaving the GOP and running as an independent, which could cripple the party's chances of taking back the White House.