MO's Prop-C: Why It's Even Uglier For Democrats Inside the Numbers

We don't even know if it's constitutional (a federal court battle is assured), but Missouri's Proposition C is bad news for the Obama administration and the Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress.

Prop-C was overwhelmingly approved by Show-Me State voters in Tuesday'sprimary. The ballot initiative (in theory because again there's a court case coming) attempts to void a controversial provision in the new federal healthcare law which requires all Americans to have (or buy) medical insurance. The Prop-C victory is hailed by Republicans as a rebuke of Democratic leadership in Washington.

The secret inside the primary numbers got lots of Democratic votes.

Here's how we know:

(And these numbers are courtesy the Missouri Secretary of State's website.)


Yes 667,680No 271,102

Republicans cast a lot more primary ballots (perhaps because Prop-C). Forthe sake of argument, let's say every GOP primary voter was a Yes.


Subtract the Republicans from the "yeses"...and you have 90,065 "yeses" that came from non-Republicans.

The Liberal Party primary had 3,502 ballots cast. The Constitution Party had 1,883.And if all those folks also voted "yes" (even though it seems unlikely)...and subtractedthat from the non-Republican "yes" votes...that leaves...84,680 non-Republican, non-Liberal,non-Constitutional "yeses".

Who's left? Democrats. Only Democrats.

There is a little mathematical guess work here I grant you, but it is overwhelminglylikely that tens of thousands of Democrats voted "yes" on Prop-C, joining Republicansin handing a Missouri rebuke to the healthcare law and it's Democratic championsin Washington.