In an election year, car inspection stickers in Mississippi may be going the way of the landline telephone.

Senate Bill 2519, which would repeal the state's inspection sticker program, is headed to the Mississippi House for a vote. The Mississippi Senate passed the measure Wednesday.

The inspection regime is rudimentary, checking brake lights and turn signals, but it doesn't involve an emissions check.

To some, it's more of an annual $5 annoyance that fails to contribute to highway safety.

"Stickers are a joke," Pascagoula native Rick Morrison told Mississippi Watchdog. "You can go to many places, never get inspected, just pay the fee (tax) and go on."

People charged with passing laws don't even follow it, says one report.

According to Jackson TV station WAPT, an examination by Senate pages of the 88 cars owned by senators and staffers in the Capitol parking lot found 23 had expired inspection stickers and two didn't have a sticker at all.

"The vehicle inspection sticker is not an effective or efficient way to collect what is essentially a $5 tax," Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said in a news release. "Many states are eliminating the inspection sticker as vehicles are manufactured with improved safety features, and I think we should join them."

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