Mapquest: 'No way' Trump wins election


Last month Mapquest rolled out a visual guide to track Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign events around the country, giving users the option to "flee him" or "be him." But a deeper look into the lists indicates the company is strongly opposed to businessman's political success.

In each of the 20 guides are five places visitors can rest assured they will not see him — Macy's, non-Trump golf courses, Jose Andres restaurants, etc. — but at the bottom of the Washington listicle, under site number five, "White House," the map app did not hold back.

"Don't worry folks, despite all the breathless news coverage he's generating, there's no way the Trumpster is getting into the Oval Office. Park yourself squarely in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and rest assured in the knowledge that America's best known hairdo will never darken the door of the executive mansion," the description reads.