Kellyanne Conway: Democrats want to make Comey a 'martyr' after firing

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway told Fox News' "Hannity" Thursday night that the mainstream media was engaged in a "rush to judgment" over President Trump's motive for firing FBI Director Jim Comey earlier this week.

"The President made a decision this week, it was his decision to make, he was resolute and decisive," Conway told host Sean Hannity. "and people who are questioning that just need to listen to him ... He said he had thought about it for a long time and he made the decision and it’s final."

Conway also noted that many of the Democrats who condemned Comey's firing had harshly criticized the now-former FBI Director for his actions during last year's presidential election campaign.

"Democratic leaders were out there trashing this guy all through the fall," Conway said. "And now they want to make him a martyr."

Conway also slammed media reporting about the circumstances surrounding Comey's termination, saying many stories were printing the "opposite" of what was true.

"‘Somebody close to the White House’ — I don’t know if they mean at the sandwich shop or the coffee ship across the street – but ‘somebody close to the White House’ said that [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein had threatened to resign," Conway said. "The Department of Justice today said that’s simply not true. ... There’s this presumptive negativity and it makes these people lose their minds and become hypocrites."