Kasich defunds Planned Parenthood

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a new law stripping more than $1 million from Planned Parenthood clinics in his state.

The Republican presidential hopeful signed the legislation on Sunday during a quick stop home between competing in Saturday's South Carolina primary and campaign stops Monday in Virginia. The bill makes Ohio the latest state to block public funds from Planned Parenthood. The states have acted after last summer's release of videos in which Planned Parenthood officials discussed collecting and supplying aborted fetal tissue for medical research.

The Ohio measure blocks Planned Parenthood from receiving mosty federal funds provided through Ohio's Department of Health. The funds pay for HIV testing, breast and cervical cancer screenings and prevention of violence against women.

The money can't currently be used for elective abortions. But the new law blocks funding for any health provider that performs abortions. The same amount of money would be available, but it would go to different entities.

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