Jeb Bush looks for Hispanic boost

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Jeb Bush never hits the campaign trail without Raul Enriquez in tow.

The former aide to Speaker John Boehner speaks fluent Spanish and serves as the former Florida governor's second "body man." In political parlance, Enriquez' title refers to an aide whose job it is to staff Bush at all times. However, he was added to Republican's traveling entourage — joining Bush's regular body man — to ease interaction between the presidential candidate and Spanish language media and Spanish-speaking voters.

That's just one example of Bush's commitment to Hispanic outreach and his early focus on this key voting bloc, as manifested this week with his first interview conducted entirely in Spanish. This engagement could clearly pay dividends in the general election. But what about in the nomination fight that comes first; are there enough Hispanic primary voters to deliver an early payoff to Bush or other Republicans who mimic his approach?

"They could make a difference if you're able to mobilize a good number of them," said Bush supporter Luis Fortuno, the former governor of Puerto Rico who now works as a lawyer in Washington.