Hurt: Voters won't care about Trump tax story

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues to hit Republican rival Donald Trump over whether or not he paid taxes in the last decade, but Washington Times Columnist Charlie Hurt said Monday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" voters really aren't all that interested in it, especially if his tax strategies were legal.

"People don't identify with people that want to pay more taxes if they just ignored certain loopholes," Hurt said.

Polls show a tight race across the country and while some Trump critics are pointing to the New York Times tax story as the culprit for any Clinton gains, Hurt points to post-debate media coverage that's to blame.

"I think he has seen some trouble in last couple of days has more to do with the incredible media coverage after the first debate panning him," Hurt said.

Trump may have missed a few opportunities to "hit her on certain things," but Clinton, according to Hurt, "was basically herself which is not a very appealing thing either."